A Reputation
Built On Success


Mr. Saykanic with former US Senator Robert Torricelli and former Governor Jim McGreevey.

Mr. Saykanic with Barry Scheck.

Mr. Saykanic with former Governor Jim McGreevey and John Foukas in front of “Casa Saykanic.”

Mr. Saykanic with Timothy P. Lyons.
Mr. Saykanic with Miles Feinstein.

Mr. Saykanic with Vincent Bugliosi, Esq. and
Louis Posner, Esq.

Mr. Saykanic with Mr. and Mrs. Miles Feinstein.
The 10 year reunion of the “Accetturo” attorneys.

Mr Saykanic with Rubin “Hurricane”

George Saykanic, former Governor Jim McGreevey,
Paul, Michael and Katie Tecza.

Omar Shabazz, Burt Young, Mr. Saykanic,
and Thomas Lyons on the U.S.S. Intrepid.

Mr. Saykanic with John Lyons, Sr. and
Allison “The Shrew” Janney at “The Taming of the Shrew”, Shakespeare in Central
Park, New York City, July 1999.

Omar Shabazz, Mr. Saykanic, Lawrence
Simmons, and Theodore E. Kyles, Jr., Esq.

Mr. Saykanic, Billy Kilroy, Anthony
Apostolico, Rocky Graziano, Tippy Larkin, at the Waterfront Crab
House in Queens, New York City.

Marie Saykanic, Mr. Saykanic and “Candice Agree”.
John Currie, Lewis Cole and Mr. Saykanic.
Mr. Saykanic and Christy Martin.
Signed picture by NJ Weedman.

Mr. Saykanic, Timothy Lyons, Victor K. Rabbat, Esq.,
Ron Olszowy and Passaic County Sheriff Jerry Speziale (clockwise from left).

Mr. Saykanic with his mother Marie, sister Donna, and
former Governor Jim McGreevey.

Mr. Saykanic with NJ Governor Phil Murphy and Jerry Reese (general manager of NY Giants from 2007 to 2017).

Mr. Saykanic with former US Senator and former NJ Governor Jon Corzine.