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For nearly four decades, the Law Office of John Vincent Saykanic has helped clients battling criminal charges and civil actions on both the state and federal level. After an unfavorable outcome, I am passionate about guiding clients toward resolution through criminal appeals and post-conviction relief. These cases are notoriously difficult, which is why it is important to have an experienced appeals attorney by your side. I have worked with clients in both New York and New Jersey.

When Can I File For An Appeal?

As your representative, I will tirelessly fight on your behalf. I understand the negative consequences a conviction can have on your life. Apellate cases are tough because we must prove an error was made in court. It also must be substantial enough to have affected your rights and the outcome of your trial. Common reasons for an appeal include, but are not limited to:

  • The trial court made a serious error of law, such as evidentiary or during jury instructions.
  • The evidence does not support the verdict.
  • The defendant had ineffective assistance of counsel and ineffective investigation.
  • The prosecution engaged in prosecutorial misconduct.

I will personally review every transcript page, document, exhibit admitted into the record and all pre-trial discovery, searching for any legal error which, under the law, will achieve a positive result. This process is similar to a doctor reviewing x-rays, cat scans and blood work in order to make the best possible diagnosis. I take as much time as is required to examine the specifics of your case and will pursue all investigative and expert witness avenues that could prove helpful. Having someone in your corner who will fight for you aggressively is more important now than ever. Your future and your freedom are at stake. I am here to do everything I can to represent your best interests and to achieve the best possible results.

Call Now; Time Is Of The Essence

Every state is different and certain laws protect the court system and their decisions after a certain period of time. Talking to an experienced appeals lawyer sooner rather than later is the smartest move you can make. Call my office in Clifton at 973-775-9002 to schedule a consultation right away. You can also email me by clicking here.